Distancing   healing of   September  12th.     2021 

Distancing   healing of   September  12th.     2021 


We hope that you are doing well in this month of   September     which is still shaking our emotional, physical, and mental structures and that you manage to find time for yourself, in order to rest, calm and regenerate your entire Being.

We would like to inform you that we have put online the agenda for the distance treatment that Jucelino offers, for the   12  of   September     2021   .( by  your  free  will  ) 

To do so, please go to the link below:

Then there are 3 steps to carry out:

The first one : reserve your time slot for a treatment ( duration ¼ hour)

Second: Pay online for your treatment by returning to the payment page. 

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forms of payment:


Account  deposit  :

Amouth  of treatment  :  EUR € -70    Euro  

Or  you can pay:

75.55 Swiss Francs

82.54 Dollar (US)

59.51 £ (GBP) Pound Sterling

1,462.37 Yen (Japan)

103.53 CAD$ - Canadian Dollar

713.84 (SEK) Swedish Krona

15,499.96 KRW ₩ - South Korean Won

534.87 CNY Chinese Yuan (CNY)

112.05 AUD Australian Dollar

725.03 NOK Norwegian krone


Third: send on: Este endereço de email está sendo protegido de spambots. Você precisa do JavaScript ativado para vê-lo.

 A recent photo of you + full name, your wish for an energetic and spiritual treatment in 1 to 5 sentences ( maximum), and  the transfer  copy  receipt

As soon as we receive your information, we will send you a confirmation of your time slot and the explanations for the successful completion of your treatment at a distance.

If you are interested, we invite you to book quickly, as places are going fast !

For your information: there will be no further treatments before   12    September     2021 

You can  concentrate  to  treat  health, financial, family, work , love, realizations  , missing persons and miscellaneous issues

We wish you once again a very beautiful, soft and luminous year 

How does the energy treatment from a distance with Jucelino Luz work?

Healing mediumship is associated with practices and techniques in which people considered mediums act as intermediaries between subtle and healing spiritual energies, which are applied to sick people or even anyone who simply wants to increase their immunity or improve their totality.

This category of practice is also known as a form of therapy that provides the treaty with vital fluids that act beneficially in all aspects: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

You can find this treatment based on the remote healing mediumship Magnified Healing, (magnified healing at a distance) emanating powerful energies that will do you very well (that is, pure and good energies which will act in your physical body and in your paths), by Jucelino Luz

Something important needs to be brought out. Spiritual help will always be offered as long as the person knows how to summon the right conditions. Many forms are possible, some simpler and others more complex, all of them can be activated by anyone, considering that 100% of them summon extraphysical natural energies that will act on you, or in your life.

This practice is amazing! I can safely say that you don't need to be of any specific religion or great knowledge to benefit from this opportunity for spiritual healing.

Spiritual Treatment During the Jucelino Luz session

Never receive energies upset, upset or drunk, or under any negative influence.

Eat something very light and no more than 3 hours before receiving treatment. Do not eat meat or heavy fats. Meditate and after the treatment, do a meditation and use your mantras.

Prepare to receive the energies by sitting somewhere, making a positive intention of light. Say a prayer of thanks only. Give thanks for your life, your existence and elevate your thoughts to the beings of light you believe and trust. Then elevate your thoughts, asking in mental intent that you receive from the light beings of spiritual healing the treatment you need. So finally say it. I request, in the name of the greater good, treatment for (specifically say what you need) and thus, it will begin to influence your life - the spiritual energy light cell will be implanted in your body, where it will act for days, weeks, months or even years old. .

Millions of people treated with magnified healing energies from a distance and 60% have achieved their feats at the first time (the way they would like it to be done). Others  did not for some reason , and  they had repeated it  ( the energetic  treatment  and had gotten the goals ) 

Finally, do not waste time and make yours to get all your goals into to real .


luminous year 


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