Predictions   of  September 2020 by Jucelino Luz

Predictions   of  September 2020 by Jucelino Luz

(dreams are not predestination - so it will only happen if nothing changes)
1. The vaccine of covid19 (Coronavirus), will cause many side effects, health problems and combined in Brazil, and in other countries, will want to launch (all combined between some governors, authorities and a minority of Deputies (Senators) project to try to demand that people take the force (by law) of this dangerous vaccine; they may victimize more people than Coivid19 itself - a vaccine to be ready takes years, they will want to approve it in months - many guinea pigs will feel bad (they are the visions of dreams) ;
2. We will have major Demonstrations in Argentina and more scandals involving Coronavirus, we will have many economic problems, Argentina's economy is on the verge of total collapse ... and the country is on the verge of "chaos" in the coming years;
3. Heatwave, drought will hit the South and Southeast of Brazil, will still face in some regions storms, floods, and destruction with landslides;
4. Elections begin to heat up in Brazil, many accusations and embezzlement of money in Brazil, the population will have to be very careful in who to vote, in order not to make the situation of the country's economy worse;
5. Japan faces serious problems in the economy, one of the reasons that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, will leave his post, the second is the weakening of his health, however, knowing the serious problems that Japan will still have to face in the next two years, and also a strong earthquake will hit the country, which could victimize many innocent people;
6. A very strong earthquake could hit Australia and New Zealand, possibly in a region with a major geological fault; and drought and heatwave will cause many fires there;
7. Portugal, Spain, and France will have to face fires and droughts, which may victimize many people;

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8. Several protests will spread in the USA, with conflicts and deaths; too much difficulty for the population and fluctuation in the currency, could generate an even greater problem, with possible changes until November of Government, on the other hand, burned with strong winds, devastated, and many houses destroyed;
9. Typhoon Maysak, named after a tree, will form at the end of August, there is a great possibility of evolving and entering the classification of very strong, it will approach Okinawa, and there is a forecast of a strong storm on August 31, 2020, and continue destruction on 1 until September 5, 2020, on islands in the province. should head for the East China Sea. After that, it will be very likely that you will change course to the northeast and proceed towards the Korean Peninsula, being able to approach Kyushu .;
10. The Dengue Virus, Zica Virus, Chikungunya, could be a new problem for Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil, and can be undergoing mutations and starting to spread in other locations.
11. In the USA, (plans to attack) in New York - a man with a rifle may try to kill more people there; also another case in New Jersey
12. A strong earthquake hits the Philippines and could cause casualties - at the same time, the country will be hit by heavy rains and gales;
13. A strong earthquake could hit Peru, causing damage and victims, and there will also be heavy rains and gales in some regions;
14. An attack in England can victimize many people near London;
15. An attack in Afghanistan can victimize many people, we can have an explosion and a big fire;
16. Floods affect the Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, and Macau, which can victimize many people;
17. The severe drought that hits India and Thailand in some regions brings many problems, on the other hand, a bomb attack can victimize many innocent people in the capital;

18. The plant with the scientific name is Phytolacca americana. In Brazil, it is known as bunch Caruru or rat grape. Appearances are deceiving in the case of this plant. Every year there are reports of children picking and eating thinking it is blueberry or blueberry in English. According to data from the visions, it is a weed, the bunch Caruru contains toxic components in its fruits and roots and, when ingested, causes abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. At worst, in addition to colic, it can cause death.
19. Floods in Sri Lanka and Vietnam make victims, and an attempted attack leaves many injured;
20. A strong earthquake in India can cause damage to victims in that region;
21. Heavy rains in Norway and many floods in the country, as well as Sweden, Finland, and Iceland will experience serious problems;
22. A strong earthquake hits Chile, which could cause victims in the country; On the other hand, a Volcano may erupt;
23. New Hurricane could hit, Jamaica, Belize, Honduras, Mexico, USA, and the Dominican Republic causing floods and possible deaths;
24. Heavy rains in Canada can cause many floods and damage to the country, on the other hand, a crime against family will shock the country;
25. Serious economic problems start to affect Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau due to the trade war, there is a sharp rise in prices and higher cost of living;
26. Severe drought and intense heat in Laos, Bangladesh, and Myanmar causing flooding, deaths in those countries;
27. Strong crisis hits Austria, Belgium can bring big problems;
28. Strong earthquake hits Turkey, and others in Greece and Cyprus causing damage and deaths in the country;
29. Possible attack Germany could victimize many people in Berlin
30. Strong winds, floods, and floods hit Bulgaria, Serbia, and also in the United Kingdom (England);


31. Heavy rains, cause floods, and landslides, as well as an earthquake in Italy, could claim many victims in that country;
32. In Libya, further attacks can happen and injure many innocent people;
33. Turkey bomb attack kills at least 10 people;
34 In Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo and Bahia - Brazil, drought, and floods caused by heavy rains make victims;
35. A severe drought in the Congo - Africa, and violence could cause victims in the country; also a Volcano can erupt;
36. In the south of France, heavy rains with winds hit the country;
37. In Pakistan, a bomb attack can victimize many people and the other problem is a strong earthquake that hits the country;
38. An  explosion in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia can cause deaths;
39. Drought and fires are major problems in the North and Midwest of Brazil, and in some regions, they will be destroyed by rain and fires;
40. A strong earthquake hits Taiwan, which can cause a lot of damage and possible victims in the country;
41. In Hungary and Romania heavy rains cause destruction, floods, and victims in some regions of the country;
42. Heatwave hits Colombia and Bolivia, causing serious problems to the country, also bringing rain, destructive floods;
43. Poor water security among the Pacific islands. Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tuvalu, will experience problems and lack significant amounts of freshwater, management challenges in the region are water contamination and problems with a strong earthquake
44. Nepal, Maldives, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, large monsoons, which can be very dry and large storms with strong destructive winds;
45. A strong earthquake that could hit Panama causing damage and destruction;

46. A strong earthquake can hit the Canary Islands and cause damage and destruction; once again, the volcano will give a great signal;
47. Malta and Cecilia - Italy, a possible fire could hit that place; a strong earthquake can cause deaths and victims;
48. Famous presenter in Japan could be a victim of health problems, at serious risk of life;
49. A strong earthquake can hit the Himalayas, causing casualties; and the possibility of landslides in the village;
50. Haiti; Hurricane can cause heavy rains and severe winds and the possibility of an earthquake;
51. A strong earthquake hits Colombia, which can cause damage and victims;
52. New scandals in Brazil will generate more insecurity and demonstrations and companies failing and unemployment;
53. - Brazilian singer and a presenter have to be very careful because their health situation is very delicate, with a risk of losing life;
54 - Spain large demonstrations and scandals may arise in the country;
55 - In Russia, an attack can victimize more than five people and leave many injured;
56. Benedict XVI and his brother with a lot of health and risk problems;
57. Brazil will make great strides in the next five (5) years, however, it needs urgent changes in Justice and in some sectors of Health, Safety, and Education, and encourages employment.
58. Neymar will lose the sponsor since when the player was 13 years old, Nike will cancel the contract, he has also been experiencing difficulties and the player will not have much time at Paris Saint-Germain - France



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